11 Mutual Masturbation Positions To Try Together

6 min readMay 5

Unlock new levels of passion with these creative and intimate mutual masturbation positions for you and your partner.

11 Mutual Masturbation Positions To Try Together

Keeping the spark alive in the bedroom is crucial for a healthy relationship. One fantastic way to do this is through mutual masturbation.

While you may be accustomed to masturbation being a solo act, there are many exciting and creative ways to get your partner in on the fun and make pleasure mutual. Here are some exciting mutual masturbation positions you can try, whether you are together with your partner or in a long-distance relationship.

6 mutual masturbation positions

If you are looking to experiment sexually, mutual masturbation is a great way to connect with your partner, and here are a few great position to begin:

1. Side-by-side

Lie down next to each other, face to face. As you touch yourselves, allow the intimacy of staring into each other’s eyes to heighten the arousal and intimacy. One of the best things about this position is it encourages closeness between you and your partner. Observing each other in the throes of pleasure creates a powerful bond.

Add a twist to this position by throwing a vibrator into the mix. Crescendo 2 stimulates multiple erogenous zones at the same time so you can have more powerful, blended orgasms (and give your partner quite the show).

2. The 69

You are most likely familiar with 69 as a sex position, but it also makes for an arousing mutual masturbation position. There are two variations of this repurposed 69; you can either lay on top of your partner — facing opposite directions or lay on your sides facing opposite directions in a sideways 69. These 69 variations give you both a close-up and intimate view of each other’s genitals as you masturbate.

Show and tell

3. Show and tell


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