19 Sex Tips for Men, What Women Wish Every Man Knew

Want to improve your sex life? Here’s a list of 19 sex tips that women wish every man knew about sex.

9 min readJan 5


Sex Tips For Men

Have you ever heard the phrase men are from Mars and women are from Venus? Well, it can sometimes feel like we are from different planets when women try to communicate their sexual needs with male partners.

Wouldn’t it be convenient if you could simply read your partner’s mind and immediately understand everything she wants and desires in bed? While we can’t bestow mind-reading superpowers on you, we can provide you with the next best thing: 19 sex tips that every woman wishes men knew.

You might already be familiar with some (kudos to you!), but some of them might surprise you, and all of them are guaranteed to enhance your sex life and your partner’s pleasure. These tips aren’t exclusively sex tips for guys; they are useful for anyone with a penis or a vagina who doesn’t identify as a man or woman.

Be vocal

If you believe the movies and pop culture, only women are supposed to be vocal in bed. However, men being vocal about their sexual pleasure during the experience can be a huge turn-on for women. So gasp, moan, groan and talk dirty in her ear! Women also want to hear positive feedback from their male partners and restraining yourself vocally can sometimes make the sexual experience feel robotic and scripted. The same goes for facial expressions; keeping a straight face throughout sex can be a turn-off. This isn’t to say put on a performance for your partner, but rather, feel free to deviate from any social scripts and just do and feel whatever comes naturally to you.

Aftercare is just as important as foreplay

Many sex tips for men start with discussing the importance of foreplay, and we agree, but what many listicles fail to mention is that aftercare is just as important. Sex doesn’t end once physical penetration is done and you both climax. Next comes one of the best things about sex, the aftercare. Holding, cuddling, and checking in with your partner to create an intimate afterglow can not only improve emotional intimacy, but it might just lead to round two of sex. Think about a…




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