7 Sexy Christmas Songs To Get You In The Mood

These classic Christmas songs might seem innocent, but they are much naughtier than you might have realized.



If you’re anything like us, you like to make the most of the holiday season by using it as a chance to spice things up in the bedroom. And what better way to get as hot as mulled wine than with some sexy Christmas music.

The Christmas songs we all know and adore may have initially seemed innocent, but if you listen extra carefully, you might find they are much naughtier than you first realized. In the spirit of the gifting season, we have decided to share with you some of our favorite songs, which are bound to bring you some jiggy pudding… Take a look:

1. Santa Baby — Eartha Kitt

Of course, a classic. If this song doesn’t make you want to wear nothing but a Santa hat, we don’t know what will… This will definitely be a favorite for all those on the naughty list year.

So, why not try strip teasing for your partner as this song plays? Make them your sexy Santa; we guarantee it will make you feel sexy and sultry.

2. All I Want For Christmas — Mariah Carey