How Often Should You Masturbate?

9 min readSep 13, 2022

While masturbation is a healthy and normal behavior, it’s tricky to pin down exactly how often you should masturbate. When it comes down to it, masturbation frequency is a pretty personal thing, and so are the answers to this question.

How Often Should You Masturbate?

How often should I really be masturbating? The odds are you’ve asked yourself this question at some point in your sexual life. Maybe even multiple times. You might have asked yourself when you were a teenager when it seemed like you couldn’t get enough of solo play time. You might have asked yourself this question when you are ovulating, and your body desires more sexual activities. Whatever might have prompted the question, the answer depends on you and your needs.

Masturbation is much more common than you may think and is normal for all sexes. It is a healthy sexual behavior anyone can engage in. However, when it comes down to it, masturbation is a pretty personal thing, and there’s no straight answer to this question. This article provides answers to burning questions you may have on how often men and women masturbate on average, whether masturbation frequency changes with age and the benefits and downsides of masturbating. By the end of the article, you should easily be able to answer the question of how often you should masturbate for yourself.

How Often Do Men Masturbate?

How often do men masturbate?

It’s a little challenging to answer how often men masturbate because each person is different. Each individual has unique sexual urges and needs and goes about satisfying them in varying ways. Factors such as whether or not you have a sexual partner, age, and health come into play when determining how often men masturbate.

Some research shows that men between 18 and 59 masturbate a few times a month or week. About 20% of participants in the study masturbated two to three times a week, and less than 20% masturbated more than four times a week. Researchers also found that the average man spent around 4.89 minutes masturbating before they climaxed.

You might find that if you masturbate twice or more in quick succession, it takes longer to ejaculate; this…