Pompoir Exercises: How to Build Vaginal Strength for Intense Orgasms

Learn how to master your pelvic floor muscles and vaginal strength with these pompoir exercises to increase your libido, boost your pleasure, and supercharge your orgasms.



Written by: Goh!ddess

If you’ve read our pompoir guide, you were probably taken aback by the versatility of the vaginal muscles.

“Wait… you’re telling me I can twist a penis using only my vagina? No way!”

Yes way. That’s exactly what we’re telling you.

But, before you can start wowing your partner with these vaginal techniques (which are not only impressive, by the way, but extremely pleasurable) you’ll need to develop one key principle in your pelvic floor muscles: strength.

And not just strength — but functional strength.

In this guide, we’re going to cover three beginner-friendly pompoir exercises that will strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, so that you’re able to smoothly transition to more complex moves, such as wringing and locking, including:

· Pompoir Exercise #1: The Concentric Contraction
· Pompoir Exercise #2: The Eccentric Contraction
· Pompoir Exercise #3: The Isometric Contraction
· Train Hard, Rest Harder
· Master Pompoir With The Oh!lympus Program

Pompoir Exercise #1: The Concentric Contraction

Every strength training exercise can be broken down into three main parts: the concentric contraction, the eccentric contraction, and an isometric hold.

A concentric contraction is what most of us first think of when we think of training a muscle: lifting a dumbbell, pushing a leg press machine with our feet, and extending our arms during a push up.

Training the concentric part of a movement is the most straightforward way to increase strength and power, and learn the correct way to perform an exercise.

When it comes to pompoir, performing concentric contractions will help you rapidly